warm up

coaches choice



lacrosse ball on traps


WOD: Partner

150 calories for time on the air bike (guys black girls white)

every 2 mins stop and do 5 burpees together (in sync)

If not enough air bikes a few lucky athletes can choose to use the rower BUT your calories go up to 200.


Cool down: 2oo m walk



Warm up:

coaches choice



1 RM Clean



Partner WOD

For time:

600 m farmers carry 90/70

any time there’s a switch there’s a 15 air squat penalty


Cool down: 500 m r0w

5.11.15 Partner WOD


Warm Up:

With a partner

200 m forward jog

200 m backward jog

10 tuck jumps

20 over the partner burpees

leap frog down gym floor

10 banded good mornings



Banded hip liberator- 

Need a band. Place around bottom of rig (at a height between hip and knee). Place other end around top of thigh. Face away from rig. Banded leg in front of you, thigh straight, and knee bent out to a 90 degree angle, un-banded leg in back. Banded knee should be laying on the floor out to your side. Keep an upright torso. 




20 min partner AMRAP

12 partner Deadlifts 235/165 (lift weight together)

20 box jumps 24/20 (can alternate)

200 m run (run together)


Cool down:

200 m walk then stretch the hammies with a band

(30 secs of tension 20 secs of rest  x 3 each leg)


Extra Credit:

3×3 strict or weighted pull ups