Why CF-ABT over any of the other Fort Walton Beach CrossFit “boxes”?

Quality over Quantity! Our goal is not to get you in and out… It’s to help you reach your goals! This means you have enough equipment and time for a workout. We follow CrossFit’s words to the letter when it comes to, “Increased Work Capacity Across Broad Times and Modal Domains.” CrossFit recommends workouts that range from 3-20+ minutes. But before all that, we need to teach you some basics. These basics are usually done one on one or in a small group of new members learning right along side of you. We call this our “Fundamentals Class”. In your Fundamentals Class, you will start out with a coach to learn basic movements used for completing workouts. And here is the good news, we teach the movements being used in the days workout every day and to everyone. This will keep you safe and healthy.

We have modeled our program after some of the most successful gyms (boxes) in the CrossFit community and used their one on one input to devise a program that works. You will be provided a workout that has been scientifically proven to increase metabolism, burn fat and add some muscle.

What we do is put the athlete first. Your goals are our priority. We limit the class sizes to ensure each athlete is coached properly, safely, and enjoys the workout. We have a very low student to coach ratio. This will increase your achievements, provide lasting results, and give more individualized attention. There will always be a coach there to answer questions, keep you on track during your workouts, and provide words of encouragement. All this when you feel you just can’t give any more as well as providing you with corrections on movements.

CF-ATB supports local Military and First Responders. We always welcome these guys and girls to join our CrossFit family. This shows by a large portion of the membership being law enforcement, military and firefighters.

The majority of our athletes are soccer moms just wanting to live a healthy life, however if you looking for that extra competitive edge…. well, we do that too!

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